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Purchase your mobile spray tan above (based on your location) and once purchased,

return to this page and fill in this form to book your tan.

Request to Book a Mobile Spray Tan
Alternatively call or email for any enquiry

Please fill in the form below to request your booking date and time after you have purchased the above.
I will respond with a suitable time via email or text.
Terms & Conditons of Service:

Thanks for submitting - I will reply to your enquiry as soon as I am available and if I cannot accommodate your preferred date and time, I will suggest alternatives.


The Setup

Please ensure there is enough space to fit the pop up spray tent. A good area with ventilation is recommended.

A safe, suitable power point/plug point nearby will also be required to power the tanning machine.

Please don't worry about any overspray of tan solution onto furniture or carpets etc as the tent absorbs this so feel free to setup in a bedroom or similar.

Before Your Appointment

For best results, all hair removal is to be done 24 - 48 hours beforehand. Please exfoliate well the day or night before your tan.

So many factors contribute to the final result but in my experience if your skin is dry and scaly (no matter the quality of the spray tan) the result will look patchy and uneven, since the tanning solution clings to areas of dryness.

My tanning services are performed with the utmost discretion and respect for you. I do provide disposable underwear but most clients just wear their own since the spray tan solution washes out of clothing.


Please wear old, loose, preferably dark clothing to your appointment and be aware that if you rinse the tan away before 3 hours - this will effect the overall result.

After Your Appointment

A Guide as to when you can rinse tan away: 

1 Hour  -  Very Light Natural Tan

2 - 4 Hours  -  Natural to Medium Tan (Great for Brides)

4 - 8 Hours  -  Deep, Long Lasting Colour

Please keep in mind that even though you may rinse your tan off at 1 hour, it will not have reached its full potential in your skin, meaning you won’t see the end result until the following day.


Please don’t be concerned if you rinse your tan off and don’t see any change to the colour of your skin, as what you are rinsing is the colour guide only.

For even fading of your tan,  do not use foaming body wash and gently pat the skin dry after showering or bathing.

Please note that swimming in chlorinated pools or in the sea will cause your tan to fade faster.


My advice is to moisturize well each day.

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