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Bestow Beauty Oil

Bestow Beauty Oil

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Bestow Beauty Oil offers a blend of cold-pressed organic flax seed and safflower oil, formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats for clear, glowing skin.


Trying to decide between Beauty Plus Oil and  Bestow Beauty Oil?

Simple answer is, if you have not been taking a good quality essential fatty acid supplement, or you have been under stress or suffering ill health, my recommendation is to go straight on to the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, it contains the addition of black currant oil to help aid absorption and conversion of the fatty acids in your body.

The interesting thing is that most people are EFA deficient and dont even know it. Essential fatty acids are exactly that...essential. Our bodies do not produce them ,so relies exclisively on a regular, consistent, quality intake from our diet, which can be hard to attain.This is where Bestow Beauty Oil is my absolute go to product, and often the very first product I recommend to my cleints, even before skin care!


This product is your moisturiser from the inside, delivering glowing, dewy and healthy skin. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of essential fatty acids for your overall wellbeing and skin health.

If you are suffering any skin disorder; sensitivity, dryness, dehydration, acne, rosacea, dermatitis or eczema, do your skin a favour and utilise this absolutely incredible product, designed and developed by a dermo-nutritionist.


Once you have taken a couple of bottles of Bestow Beauty Plus oil, you are welcome then to move on to the Bestow Beauty Oil.Keep in mind that the addition of the black currant oil helps your body skirt around  any potential blockages in your system.


Did you know that Omega 3 and Omega 6 are actually families of fats?

When your body is functioning well, you only need to provide it with the primary fat and it will successfully produce all the other members of that fat family.

However, ill-health and stress can cause a blockage to occur, meaning the body cannot produce all the fats which are needed for skin and body health.


Bestow Beauty Plus Oil skirts around this blockage and supports the body to produce all the life-giving fats it needs to thrive.


Can I use my Bestow Beauty Plus oil on my face?

No, the oil is too rich to use on your skin topically and is recommended for internal use only, pured onto cool foods, or mixed into a smoothie or yoghurt, it has a pleasant taste, however it is recommended to take it with or alongside food to aid absorption. If you have a compromised digestive system, build up slowly to taking a tablespoon a day,

I have been known to recommend a quarter of a teaspoon, building to a tablespoon, what matters is that you consistently take it, it does not matter what you do sometimes for your health that counts but what you do every day that matters.


Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) deficiency is one of the most common causes of skin problems.  Because EFA’s are responsible for oil regulation, a deficiency can present as either oily or dry skin and will contribute to premature ageing. Bestow Beauty Oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) which bestow health and radiance from deep within the skin’s layers.

  • A functional Food

    Bestow Beauty Oil Moisturises Your Skin on a Cellular Level

    Bestow Beauty Oil moisturises your skin from the inside out by feeding the skin cell at the deepest layer of the epidermis. As this cell progresses to the upper layers of the skin it releases its beautiful oils creating plump, supple, smooth, glowing skin. 

    Bestow Beauty Oil Stabilises Oily Skin

    Bestow Beauty Oil helps prevents skin congestion and spotty break-outs. It can even dissolve existing blockages caused by sticky, irritating sebum.  This special oil blend improves the quality of skin sebum from deep within so that is provides a healing, anti-inflammatory, protective outer layer for your skin, keeping it youthful and vital.

    For Best Results
    Take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil every day, mixed into food.You can drizzle one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil over your breakfast muesli or porridge (once it is cool enough to eat).Bestow 3pm Cacao Booster SmoothieDon’t reach for a coffee or sugary snack at 3pm. Instead, make this energising chocolatey smoothie which will feel like a treat but will keep your blood sugar levels stable. This will set you up to make healthy choices at dinner time. Including the Twin Skin Essentials, this smoothie is packed full of beautiful skin nutrition. Here is the recipe.Bestow Beauty Oil Salad DressingThis delicious Bestow Lemony Vinaigrette works with almost any salad and is an easy way to ensure you get your daily dose of Bestow Beauty Oil.Bestow Beauty Oil with YoghurtA simple way to take your oil everyday is simply to mix it into a little bit of yoghurt. You could add some blueberries and sunflower seeds for an afternoon snack, or you just have it plain in the evening. It’s a hassle-free way to make sure you can get your daily dose of Bestow Beauty Oil on even the busiest of days.

    How to store your Bestow Beauty Oil:

    Bestow Beauty Oil should be kept in the fridge and consumed within six weeks. If you can’t get through it in this time, freeze a portion of it in order to extend its shelf life.

    Pregnancy & breastfeeding:

    From our perspective, all Bestow products are safe for pregnancy and breast-feeding and help to enhance the health of both mother and baby during this important, formative time.

    However, it is our recommended best practice that your clients first check with their own doctor or midwife before taking Bestow products.



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