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This pack includes trial sizes of the Repair and Glow Range, designed for the most sensitive skins, enough for at least two months of use. This pack is an excellent way to discover the beautiful transformative skin care system that is Janesce. 100% Plant based, organic and natural, made in Australia from the highest quality naturopathic plant medicine available.


You’ll receive everything you need to begin your twice-daily Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual for Glowing Skin. Re-fillable and recyclable introductory product sizes make this pack an affordable way to sample the Janesce experience for yourself.


If used correctly, there is enough product for over two months in each pack!




Lavender Soaking Drops (30mls)

A lavender infusion with a soothing and calming effect.


SK1 Concentrate (30mls)

A plant based concentrate with a healing effect for hyper-sensitive skin.


Soothing Mist (30mls)

A floral mist with a soothing effect for extremely sensitive skin.


Avocado and Sesame Facial Oil (30mls)

A soothing and balancing facial oil ideal as a gentle moisturiser for extremely sensitive skin.


Soaking Cloth

A beautifully soft cotton-gauze cloth for skin soaking.


30 Days to Glow Booklet

An in-depth introduction into your new daily skin care routine and benefits of skin soaking.


Janesce Repair & Glow Extra Sensitive Skin Pack

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