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The Masks are off?

Hello all my lovely ladies,

Following todays government announcement, I am happy to inform you that masks and vaccinations are now no longer required in my Boutique. While I realise that there may be mixed emotions around the mandates ending, please rest assured that my strict hygiene standards will remain.

I will continue to follow all of the Ministry of Health's COVID guidelines. The nature of my Boutique is that I only see one client at a time which further minimises complications. The cabin is ventilated between clients and as an added measure I have decided to keep the 15 minute interval between appointments to ensure proper hygiene protocol. I will ask that if you have been unwell to remain at home as we can always reschedule your booking to a time that suits.

I have diligently followed the Ministry Of Health's guidelines for my business as best to protect my clients

and myself, so while I feel a sense of relief that the restrictions are finally lifting, I will be honest in saying that it has made me feel a little anxious about my clients safety and comfort. With that said I realise that some of my clients will be elated to leave their masks at home and others will feel a little uneasy about removing it.

The aim in my business is to respect your individual preference and ensure that you feel comfortable and safe, so if you would like to continue to wear your mask please do so. I will however no longer be requiring my clients to wear one. I have personally found that wearing the mask has been uncomfortable during beauty treatments so I wont be wearing a mask going forward.

With Spring in the air I must say I feel a sense of positivity that our lives are slowly returning to "new normal" post COVID. Thank you for your continued support over the past year and I look forward to seeing your beautiful smiles.

Kerry Katz

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