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Introducing Janesce Plant based facials and skincare Glow Packs...clean beauty, 100% organic.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I am excited to announce my newest and long awaited facial range - Janesce. As you are all aware, I have a passion for all things holistic and organic, this extends to the way in which I live my life, take care of my skin, mind and body, so it seemed natural to me to source a product, which for me ticked the box both personally and ethically and I finally found, Janesce...

Janesce was founded by Jan Sarre-Smith, she has been a pioneer of the holistic skincare movement since the 1960's. Jan has devoted her life to treating skin holistically and training others around Australia and Europe to do the same. Through her own health crisis in her 20's she discovered the power of nature to transform skin. She became a qualified naturopathic doctor and developed a reputation for treating ageing and healing skin disorders. Janesce is organic and 100% plant based. I am proud to say that this premium skincare line will now feature in all of my facials. You will notice a slight change to my facials and packages, this is to reflect the quality and efficacy of this incredible range as well as the training and education which I constantly undergo to ensure you receive the most beautiful treatment helping you achieve that trademark "Janesce Glow".

Janesce Facials are an absolute delight to the senses, specialised plant formulations are combined and created especially for you so this means that I am able to better customise each facial you have with me so as to adapt to your skins changing needs.

I now have the Janesce Glow Packs in stock online and in the salon. Glow Take Home Packs which are essentially all you will need for your homecare regime, catering for ageing skin, sensitive skin and skins which need brightening.

Buy any Janesce Glow Skincare Pack

from my Shop

and receive 50% off any Janesce Facial

*Valid until December 31st 2022

Thank you once again beautiful ladies for your ongoing support, I look forward to seeing you soon.


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